Didn't get a chance to read the responses at the reunion?  Didn't have an opportunity to attend the reunion?  Below are links to the completed questionnaires we received in response to the request for the 2010 reunion.  Only those people who consented to having their info on the site are included on the list below.  Links are on each person's page, as well, but here they are in one place for your viewing convenience. (They are in .pdf format, so click and wait for Adobe Reader to open the file.)

Barnhart, Paul 
Buckle, Cameron
Calia, Joyce (Delmas)
Campbell, Dave (English teacher) A MUST READ!
Chavez, Tony
Clinton, Bunny (Gleason)
Crass, Dave
Cunningham, Ann (Ribera)
Day, Sharon (Rathbun)
Fadenrecht, Alice (Hand)
Gagnon, Paula (Forgey)
Garrett, Shellie
Harrison, Ed

Henderson, Ken

Henkel, Cathy (Riewerts)
Hill, Donna (Roberts)
Hinkle, George (Vice Principal)
Holtz, Jim
Jacobs, Stan

Janson, Jeannine

Kellogg, Albert

Kellogg, Almer

Lamaysou, Pam (Higashi)
Langendorf, Pam (Shaw)
Lenci, Ray
Maggi, Mike

Martell, Lany Kay

Montgomery, Ron

Patterson, John
Perry, Francine (Marie)
Richardson, Pam (Cortese)
Rogers, Jean (Barnhart)
Schumacher, Susan
Semenza, Kerry (Ortiz)
Siegel, Lou
Staley, Lynn (TN '64) (Bendick)
Tait, Scott
Thompson, Paul

Uhrig, Lynn (Mathews)
Union, Barbara (Hauer)
Walsh, Jim
Zaft, Gayle (Dilles)