MARY ANN PECK      

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Residence:  Fresno, CA

Life since high school:

(August, 2001) I have been living in Gilroy, Calif for the past 18 yrs and now in process of selling my house ..and thinking of moving to the central valley..why I am not real sure 'cause it is HOTTER than HELL here sometimes. I am currently staying with my middle daughter - she is 32 and living in Fresno.

A lot of you may remember my husband John... he and I were divorced about a year ago.. after 33+ yrs. I had been working in the Semiconductor industry for the past 27 years and finished my career as a Production some of you may know there were a lot of layoffs and cutbacks in this industry this I took the opportunity to retire early.. Now I am a bum..

My oldest daughter lives in Gilroy with her son.

My youngest lives in Sacramento with his wife of one year now.. he will be 30 this year .. gosh that makes me feel old.