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(July, 2003) Just wanted all to know that I have been keeping current by reading the newsletters. Last year I was not able to make the picnic because my father passed away unexpectedly. My mother was the one in the hospital. Needless to say it has been a very unusual year. Giving up my job, taking care of my mother (her living in Sonoma, me in Tracy) Trying to talk her into moving. I finally just took her to stay in Pacifica, where a lot of my relatives are still, and just moved her. "That was different."  Anyway as some of you know I was available via Pam's cell phone at the last picnic. My daughter, son in-law and myself were involved in a music & kite festival in Squaw at the top of the Mountain. It was the first time I have been away from all the responsibility in a year. What great fun, but I had really wanted to see all of you. Some of you I have never seen at any of the reunions I have attended. Things are starting to settle down now & I am teaching art to children ages 4 and up as well as some adults in my home studio. So please e-mail me- I have more free time at night now. The only time I will not be here is if I am at Pam's or if I am lucky enough to go see my son. His gallery has been open now for several months and I haven't even been there. If anyone is visiting Maui please stop in and say Hi to him. Tropical Imagination in Kihei....Rainbow Mall

(July, 2004)  Things are still up in the air regarding the week-end of the picnic. Tia (daughter) and I may be working in Squaw again. We have been invited to participate again this year, but have not finalized our contract yet. I will be talking to Pam Shaw and let her know the details of the picnic and also if I'm able to make it.

Update on my life. Still teaching private art classes out of my home studio. But things changed again in late January. We lost my mother. I had moved her here to Tracy and was spending lots of quality time with her on little adventures. I became a permanent program assistant at the family homeless shelter in town and had left for work. Unable to reach her by phone I called Tia. She had passed away about an hour after I had left her. So life is different. Both my parents had become such a big part of my daily life. So now it's the kids (Tia has 2) and the shelter kids, and art classes. Troy is still in Maui -his gallery is doing well and he just got back from a shoot in Africa. If I make it to the picnic I'll bring some of his work.