e-mail address:  michael_brown@me.com

Residence:  San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Life since high school:

(July, 2001) Mike Vawter and I went off to Stanford and I began four years of being changed inside out: learned more than I knew there was to learn (went from Chemistry major to Psychology major to Political Science major to Film major to English major); did major drug experimentation--lots of about everything in the pharmacopoeia; lived a summer in Haight; followed Mike V., without much conviction, into various Marxist cults; experimented widely and thank God before the Plague sexually.

In my Junior year I met Liz,. who after becoming a good friend, asked if I wanted to date and I, ironically admitting it for the first time publicly, said "Liz I'm pretty sure I'm gay." She said that was cool because all of her parents'--who were both successful writers--friends were gay. Thus began a seven-year tragicomedy: both of us pretending (me that I was bi and hadn't married her for her parent's connections or money; she that I wasn't doing precisely that), both of us indulging in some pretty outrageous bedroom comedies--a lot of victims along the way.

In spite of all the sex and drugs I got a full fellowship to Brown in Providence where I went to major in Medieval Literature (always being the practical one!) Now, Liz announced to me at 10 am on the first Friday in April 1973 she was leaving me; that evening I went to a bar, looked at the guy next to me, was struck by the sense I had known and loved this guy forever. Tom and I this past April just celebrated our 28th anniversary together. The first ten years Tom and I lived together I had a whole string of part-time, temporary, or unsatisfying jobs as I tried to keep it together enough to make it as a novelist: taught English to Portuguese adults, bank teller, Evelyn Woods speed-reading teacher, researcher for a think tank (that was kind of fun even if it didn't pay anything), manager for two Japanese Woodblock galleries in Providence and Boston. At the ten year point Tom got sort of tired of me not really contributing much financially and suggested I go into a high-tech two-year degree program, and I did.

The path from then until now has been: EPA chemical technician (funny how life loops), semiconductor quality control guy, technical editor then technical writer for Motorola, documentation manager for a Providence startup then Information Director, Engineering Director and that brings us to two weeks ago when suddenly and overnight the company was liquidated and all my pile of options which were going to finally really let me stay home and finish the latest novel vanished.

Yet, given the funny way things work, two friends whom I had forgotten about had gone off and started another software company and offered me equity and a VP position, to start July 1. It too may vanish, but everything is AOK and I have a month off during a beautiful New England June.

Forgive me if I've been too self-focused here. I remember so many of you fondly. I visit Pacifica at least once a year since my Mom still thrives there. Sadly, Michael V. disappeared the next morning after speaking to me the last time--about fifteen years ago now. I've done all kinds of searches, calling relatives, internet, etc. I think he's gone. If any of you know differently, please let me know.

Editor's note:  Update on Mike Vawter - he has been located and attended the 50-years reunion. 


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