JO DELMAS     

8/17/1947 - 12/30/2010

Last Residence:  San Bruno, CA

Life since high school:

 (May, 2004) This is for all of you that wanted to know what I've been up to for the past ____too many years!!

After I graduated from TN I continued to date Buddy Carlson; two years later we were married. We traveled to Mexico a lot, hitting every surf spot from Pedro Point to San Blas, Mexico... then went to Hawaii on vacation and soon after decided to move there and make it our home. Off we went with nothing more than 4-5 large boxes of kitchen equipt and bedding etc, Oh Yea, of course surfboards and a two year old baby girl named, Christy. "Kauai or Bust."  Making the move with me was Pam Lamaysou and her husband Freddy, another surfer from San Francisco and their daughter, my goddaughter, Michelle, age one..

Bud and I parted ways several years later, I stayed on and he moved back to the mainland... In 1982, Christy and I moved back to the mainland, namely, Vallemar..Back to square one.. Christy started school at Terra Nova , came home after her first day with many inquiries as to the teachers making the decision to place her in the front seat of most of her classes. (A direct result of having the tag team of Calia/Carlson for parents I'm sure). I applied for a teachers-aid position with Laguna Salada School District, passed their four hour exam and began working at Linda Mar School..Additionally worked at Capt. Charles restaurant in Rockaway Beach as their hostess.

Two years later I began working for US Sprint in their Research Dept located in Burlingame, CA..This involved monitoring the system for computer hackers and the theft of services, fraud by wire.. One year later I was promoted to the position of Investigator where I reviewed evidence, developed case work and presented it to law enforcement agencies.. I was again promoted to Special Agent (sounds impressive don't it !!) Supervised a group of twelve investigators, I continued to investigate, coupled with teaching record interpretation and probing skills etc.. I was then promoted to Corporate Manager of Security Investigations, Foreign and Domestic and transfered to Kansas City, Mo. I then had 200 employees to train ensuring they were proficient and specialized in their field. I continued preparing my own cases and presenting them to the FBI & Secret Service for prosecution .. I have traveled all over the United States with the exception of 10 states..presenting cases and testifying in court. (Hawaii during the winter time and places like Montana in the Summer) Ha Ha Ha

I additionally trained in Executive Protection..this afforded me the opportunity to travel with the President of our company both foreign and Satellite launches in South America to cocktail parties on Capital Hill in D.C....A lot of fun and educational..

I am now re-married to Mike Delmas (Class of '64) and living in San Bruno..I have a 13 yr old granddaughter! I want to thank everyone again for their encouragement and well wishes for my recovery.. I am not certain i f I will be able to attend this year's picnic but do look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion next year..

Subsequent messages:
(March, 2004) Thank you for passing along my updates and your well wishes.. It sure feels good to be home after one month in the hospital. I came home to nearly 100 e-mails...I am in the process of replying to each and every one... Two code blues within a 36 hour period hit hard leaving me fatigued, however I am home now feeling stronger by the day ... I'll write again soon.

(January, 2011) We are very sorry to announce that Joyce Calia Delmas succumbed to a long illness on December 30, 2010.  Her lifelong friend, Pam Lamaysou, was with her during much of her illness and final hours.

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