e-mail address:  wcardellinwyc@aol.com

Residence:  Citrus Heights, CA

Life since high school:

(DECEMBER, 2004)  Sorry I missed the picnic this year but I had a good excuse. My wife, daughter and I were in Italy visiting my son who was playing baseball on an Italian team. He's been there since April. He's coming home in mid Sept. We spent two weeks in Northern Italy visiting sites and watching some baseball. Food was great and the people were great. It was tough to come back and get into the routine. Looking forward to the next contact, keep in touch. Wayne Cardelli

More from Wayne: Kids are 25 & 21, Michelle is a junior at UCD with a double major in Comm & Poly Science. As to my son - no, he's not fluent yet but he can get by. He got contacted after he graduated college. He played for four years. He just thought it would be a great experience. Hard to believe that next year is 40 years since we graduated. The pitching coach on the baseball team was from San Mateo and coached high school. He knows Marty Coyle and we're going to play golf up in Chico in the middle of the month. I haven't seen Marty since high school. If you get a chance give me Jack's (Bresnahan) e-mail address or regular address. I would like to contact him.