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(July, 2001)   All is well here. Jeanette and I had a wedding to go to in the Bay Area and felt two trips in a short time frame were a bit much. (NOTE FROM JEANIE: They didn't make it to the last reunion) Had a visit in January from Jim Murphy and Jerry Olsen (who were both a year behind us), Jim was ill, from a failing liver and was making what visits he could. He had a liver replacement in 1995, but it failed too. He had Hepatitis C. Sadly, he passed away in May. He was living up in Oregon. We had hoped to see him at our daughter's graduation from law school in late May. Had some interesting conversations regarding life.

Saw Tony Salvemini and Wayne Cardelli last year (in fact same week as the wedding we went to) in Sacramento. They are doing well. Tony's wife's name is Margaret. They have a son Anthony, and his stepdaughter is Veronica. Wayne is still in Citrus Heights.

My folks still live in Pacifica, and my mom has her hair done by Pat Dondono. Veronica is our youngest. Our son, Anthony, is 28. He is in the Navy JAG Corps, stationed in Seattle. Tomorrow he is going to Puerto Rico for 30 to 60 days on a temporary assignment. He is being assigned to the US Attorney General to prosecute the arrested demonstrators in Vieques. He is excited to be going. We have our apprehensions.

I manage the office for two wholesale nurseries and a retail/wholesale nursery. Our website is and  We are one of the largest Mexican Fan palm growers in the country and Swan Hill is a trademarked tree. Jeanette is the accounts receivable manager for a leasing company. We have been empty nesters for seven years. Veronica went to University of Nevada in Reno, then on to Gonzaga so we have adjusted.

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