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(August, 2002) After graduation, I went to work for our family dentist. I was trained on the job and had to work for six different dentists. I really enjoyed that a lot, but guess what? Marriage did me in (ha,ha).   Lynn and I were dating in my senior year and we married in June of 1967. Lynn was in the army and was stationed a t Fort Knox, KY where I joined him. What a difference in the weather. I was not used to the hot humid weather and made it through the summer with two heat strokes and the winter with bronchitis. Our first child was born in June of 1968 at Fort Knox. We moved to a little town outside of the base when Lynnette was 6 weeks old and eventually bought a house in Jeffersonville, IN when Lynnette was 3 months old. Lynn went to work at the Postal Service and then we had child number two. David was born in September of 1969 and what a difference between boys and girls. Our third child was born in April of 1971 so as you can see our kids were close in age. Our oldest daughter has three children, Jonathan-121/2, Shelby-81/2, Brooke-51/2. Jonathan is in the seventh grade, Shelby in third and Brooke is going to Kindergarten and they live here in Jeffersonville. Our son, David lives in Camden, Tennesse and has two children. Nicole-111/2, Brandon-6. Our youngest daughter, Denise, has three children. Dustin-12, Kayla-91/2, Kaitlin 41/2 They live in Jeffersonville. Our children have good jobs and guess they turned out pretty good.

So with 8 grandchildren and with five of their birthdays in November and December, grandma and grandpa (are) busy.

I work for the school corporation as an Instruction Assistant and have done so for 23 years. I work with the first graders and love every minute of it. I am going to retire in 2006 which I will reach the magic number of 87 (number of years plus age (60)).  I am looking forward to it but am not sure what I will do but I know I won't stay home all the time. With everyone out of the home I would go crazy and I am not ready for that yet. It is hard to believe that we are getting older and some of us (myself) are having to be put back together again like Humpty Dumpty. I had both my knees replaced three years ago and don't regret doing it although at the time of surgery I wouldn't have said that. Hope that all is well. My parents now live in Turlock, CA as well as my brother.

I can't think of anything else to write.

(October, 2002) Jean has sent me all the back issues of the class newsletters and what fun reading.  I have a few questions for some of you and others I would like to have your e-mail address. The first note goes to Deanna Newman (O'Connor) You wrote about Lorna and I am sorry to hear about her. Ed Hart, congratulations on the miracle of having a girlfriend, fiance, broken-up and then found each other once again. That was a wonderful story.

Mike Meyer-you mentioned something about Ozark Plateau. Do you live in Arkansas or in the Ozarks? Pat Donono-I enjoyed the story about the marbles and getting older. I wouldn't have as many to reach 70 but it is an idea. Mr. Hinkle, I think that it is neat that you keep in contact with the class and I have had both knees replaced, so I know what you must have gone through with your hip replacement. Hope all went and still goes well.

Mike Maggi- Bangkok, in Russia? What kind of work do you do that you travel? Ann (Stella) McKnight -did you have a bypass or disabled with your e-mail as bypass53? John Wilson-I thought I was bad with 8 grandchildren but all of 12, I wonder how you do Christmas. Lorna Bazzani- you have 16 grandchildren, WOW. I am sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia and hope that your husband has found work.

These are just a few things I jotted down while reading the newsletters and hope that we can all stay in contact through this newletter. My husband and I are doing ok. I just had my last epidural and am wondering how all is going to work out with the back. It sure is the pits getting older, but the joys of grandparenting and etc are worth it. I had both my knees replaced so that I would be able to do things with my grandkids now instead of when I was in my 60's and they would be teen-agers and not want as much to do with me. They wanted to wait but the knees were shot and so they did both at one time. That was three years ago and we are doing awesome. Hope that this will find everyone in excellent health or better health.

I have been studying the "65" year book and was looking at all the nice things people said. You and Paul were very busy in activities regarding our class. Is it possible to get a list of the men and women (if any) that have died? Some of the ones that I remember having a lot of contact with or went to Sanchez Elementary with are Lloyd Abrahamian, Gail Ackerman, Denise Andre, Julie Anduha, Kathleen Baer, Sharon Biscarro, Terry Blaylock, Cathy Booth, John Bresnahan, Roger Broomfield, Carolyn Cline, Henry (Hank} Dagenais, Sharon Day, JoAnn DeMaggio, Jean Dignon, Linda Eldred, Alice Fadenrecht, Maxine Farrell, Allen Fizer, Marilyn Gottlieb, Eugene Kelly, Pamela Lamaysou, Lani Leonard, Stella McKnight, Lorna Neill, Deanna O'Conner, Sandra O'neil, Lois (Gaye)Picillo, Linda Rooker, Nancy Seller, Glen Sievert, Stephen Sievert, Linda Williford, Kenneth Winkler, Gayle Zaft, and of course I went to elementary and high school with Charlene Ansara before her death. I also notice that a lot of kids from "66" signed my year book. I have all four years and am going to pull out the others and have a look at the past. Some of these people mentioned, I had in various classes or activities after school. I forgot how many different things I was in such as Pep Club, Future Business Leaders of America (I just loved Mr. Thompson) I was looking at the pictures of the student office practice kids and sure can remember using that switchboard, took me forever to remember how to operate it from day to day. How technology has changed nowadays. Mr. Van Buren was my English teacher and I thought next to Mr. Thompson he was the greatest and I think because of his diligence to work with me I love English to this day and am in the profession of working with kids. I loved Ms. Donaldson- she was an awesome PE teacher. Wasn't Ms. Ott a gym teacher too?. I had a note from Mrs. Shackelford in my yearbook and was trying to remember what she taught. Mrs. Bourell, wasn't she the school nurse? I had a bus driver by the name of Mildred Walker, those of you who live in Pacifica or the surrounding area do you know what has become of her? Do any of you remember Elaina the blind girl? I have forgot her first name and it is a shame considering we hung around together and even wrote braille back in forth in class with her stylus. I have a whole page in my year book where she wrote to me. I will have to get a braille book and see if I can remember how to read it. We had some wonderful years together and even though I wasn't that popular with a lot of the class, I wouldn't trade any of those years for anything. I just wish my grandkids could have a school like that. Times have changed so drastically. I know we all did things that we weren't supposed to but they weren't as open. Oh, I just remembered a question. In my autographs Carol wrote I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true in the following years and you will be able to visit the baby when "he" comes, Stan says think blue. Does anyone know who Carol and Stan are? I know I should know them or they wouldn't have put something so personal in the year book, but my memory isn't as good. Well, you all need to take out your year books and reminisce- it is a great feeling. That's enough for now, hope I didn't bore anybody.

(October, 2002 - #2)  Hi, just a few lines from the lovely city of Jeffersonville, IN where it is hot although the last two days have been wonderful Fall weather. Happy Fall Day to everyone as today is the first day of Fall. I don't know about you all but back here it is getting to be pumpkin time and do I look forward to that. We go out to the country and purchase pumpkins to put up in the freezer so that all year long we have fresh pumpkin for those breads, cakes and cookies. I have an easy way of cooking pumpkins if anyone is interested. It is less time consuming and just a lot more fun. Apples are also coming in and we use to have two apple trees in our yard but over the years they have died out so now I have to buy my apples, so once again to the country we go and buy a bushel or so of apples and put up for apple pies, cobblers, cake. I have an awesome way of fixing apples ahead for those pies if anyone is interested in that as well. Maybe these won't be important to some but others might be interested or maybe you have a way that is neat to you. I think sharing ideas and recipes is a great way to learn to do things. How about Spiced Tea? Does anyone make that? (awesome)

Well, we are all doing fine back here and our youngest grandchild just turned 5 and so now we don't have a toddler anymore. Kids seem to grow up so fast now a days. Hope that this letter will find each and everyone of you in good health and those of you who are not, that the good Lord will bless and heal you. Take care and you all come back sometime.

(December, 2002) Just a few lines to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. My husband has been unemployed due to a layoff and has started up a shop in our garage with a friend and they just opened a website, If any of you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas or any other occasion you might want to visit the website. Lynn is making custom pens, pencils, and keychains and really enjoys it. The thing now is to get their website spread around so that others will know about it and maybe the business will take off. The prices might seem high but this same style of pen runs a lot higher in your office depots and supplies. Just check it out whether you want to buy or not and see what they look like. We are all doing fine back here, winter is just starting to come in but it's not cold yet. I hope that each and everyone of you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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Well, everything here in Indiana is just great. The leaves are turning golden, and red and are sure are beautiful. Hope everything is alright with everyone and that as you get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving that you will have a rewarding and blessed day with your friends and family. Our son, his wife, and two children are coming up from Tennessee to have Thanksgiving with us. It is amazing how in life you start out celebrating the holidays with just the two of you and now there are 16 of us as a family. Most of you know that all I have back here is my immediate family. My mom, dad, and brother all live out in California. My husband has been laid off so this will be the first Christmas in three years that I haven't been able to go home for Christmas but am hoping to make it out there in July. I might even see if I can come early and stay longer and make it for the picnic. My dad is going to be 85 this year and my youngest daughter and her family, are coming out at the end of July so we are going to celebrate his birthday early and he will be able to see three more great grands that he hasn't seen. Last summer, my oldest daughter and her three kids went out. It is time to get ready for school, so I guess I had better close for now.

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