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Residence:  New River, AZ

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(April, 2001) All is well here. We are going to Cancun this summer for our 30th wedding anniversary. Bob Adams who has lived in Linda Mar since we were little kids in the second grade has finally left Linda Mar and moved to Vacaville. Yes, I'm aware he has never attended a class reunion as well as his brother Dennis. classmates.com has quite a few people logged on. There are a few I haven't seen for XXXXX years.

(March, 2002) I have some good news and bad news, what do you want to hear first? BAD NEWS? ok! are you sure you want to hear? January 17th I was suspected of having squamous celi carcinomas {SCC} (in English , cancer of the throat). A biopsy later confirmed that is in fact what I have, BAD LUCK. One might ask how did I get that when I don't smoke or drink? It is as the doc said-- "BAD LUCK." Wednesday I had an MRI done which again confirmed but showed it's only located on my tonsils--GOOD LUCK. January 29th I get to go have my tonsils and my lymph glands in my throat removed and then possibly some chemo. GOOD NEWS: 1) I'll still be able to talk; 2) I'll probably lose weight; 3) I'll probably get some golf time in, but the doc says I'll have some problems putting my hands above my head; 4) I'll be off work for a month.

(March 8, 2002)  I am doing just fine. the surgery went better than expected. They got it all the first time, so I don't have to do any chemo, or radiation. My spirits have been very high, with everyone calling, get well cards, etc. I have been keeping myself busy walking 5 miles a day, and keeping my brother busy, by dealing with his problems. Golf was out of the question. I didn't realize I was going to be in so much pain and stiffness. The operation took 7 hrs. and it feels like they cut every muscle in my shoulder and neck. it was the first time I have been in a hospital, so a lot of new experiences and fears. I just got back from the doctor, looks like my vacation is over -he ordered me back to work on Monday.

(April, 2004) I just found out I work with Del Cooper's son [our auto shop teacher] he is alive and well and lives in Medford area. I lost touch with him in 1970. I'm trying to get him to come down for the class picnic..the real funny thing about this is that my father lived next door to Del in Springdale, Wash., my stepmother was Del's teacher in grammar school. I knew all this back when, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit with you...

(September, 2004)  I'm training to run a 26.2 mile MARATHON to help the American Stroke Association.

Through the association's Train To End Stroke program, I have a coach, a team, training schedules, and special clinics ? and I'm raising thousands of dollars for stroke research and education programs. That's important, because someone suffers a stroke every 45 seconds and someone dies of one every 3.1 minutes. And 29 percent of people who have strokes are under age 65.

I'm asking for your support through your good thoughts and a generous contribution to the American Stroke Association. I am especially proud to run on behalf of MY MOTHER AND MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE HAD A STROKE and desperately need our help. You can run with me in spirit. I will dedicate the marathon to my mother by putting her name on my jersey. If you know of anyone who has had stroke & would like to honor them I would be honored to put their name on my jersey also.

P.S. The marathon is in January 2005, but I plan to meet my fundraising goal by October. Your tax-deductible contribution, sent as soon as possible, is greatly appreciated! Every dollar makes a difference toward stroke research and education. If your company has a matching gift program, please send me the matching gift form along with your check ? and potentially double your donation!


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