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Last Residence:  Woodside, CA

Life since high school:
(April, 2005) After graduation I shared apartments with Sharon Geppart (Hill) class of 1964, finally ending up in the Haight Ashbury at a time of interesting social change. I met my future hubby at an eclectic gathering of Beards, Bikers and Europeans, and then there was Him who did/does not fit any of these particular molds. We married in 1967 and lived in Sausalito, San Francisco, Belmont and San Mateo, and ended up buying an old cabin on King's Mountain -- a rural redwood forest, east of Half Moon Bay and west of Redwood City on the northern end of the Santa Cruz mountains. The old cabin eventually led to a real house which we built ourselves and which will never be finished. Our son was born in 1977, a daughter in 1979, both grown now and doing well. I have worked in the family business off and on for many years, with brief stints in Real Estate, Stanford University and as a Kitchen Designer for 17 years. I took a break and lived on Oahu for 6 months and thought I would never be warm again after I returned. My semi retirement gig is unfolding to be turning over small real estate projects.

I wish the class of 1965 the very best and have enjoyed finding the web site and reading up on some of you!

Subsequent messages:
We are sad to report that Leigh passed away on January 9, 2010.