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Residence:  Kelseyville, CA

Life since high school:

(July, 2001) I was waiting until I had a little more time for the longer version but I don't seem to be able to come up with it for now. So here is the short end of it. I'm currently working for Go-Ped ( Motorized Scooters) in Livermore at the factory. We have two factories, here and Ireland. The company has grown from 1100 units a year to over 100,000 units last year in just 12 years. I work a 4 day work week (10 hours) and stay here in the bay area during the three nights. I commute to the lake on Friday night, I'm back here on Tuesday morning. This is a little of my history to date.

After High School,

Worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in Sheet metal/ and a few months as a brewer for Lucky Lager in S.F.

1966 entered Air Force and spent 6 years as an aircraft mechanic on C-141's, Then in the last year became an instructor on B-52's in Illinois. I have son from a marriage during these years, that I just  got back in touch with in the last couple of years

.After the service I worked for a company in Santa Clara called Rapid Cleave. ( Apricot cutters ) as a mechanic. Then to Half Moon Bay as a motorcycle mechanic and later a Service Manager.

1977- Acquired a Job as Small Engine Instructor with San Mateo County ROP, Stayed until 1981, Took a leave of absence and traveled the states and Europe on my motorcycle for 7 months. Came back, got my job back and married a lady from the U.K. who I met in Greece. We lived in Half Moon Bay for a while and then to Hayward. In 1989 when the earthquake hit we sold up and moved to the U.K. , to the northeast where her family came from. I became an Instructor for Light Motor Vehicles at an Information Technology Center, and then at night a part time instructor teaching AutoCAD at the local College.( Grimsby Tech) This lasted for 4 years when I just became burned out and wanted out of the country and marriage (wife#2) and came back to the U.S. in 1994

Worked and lived in Castro Valley, ( Cycle Gear) then met wife # 3 at the lake during a race I entered. We married in 1996 and because of unforeseen differences we separated 6 months later and divorced.

I stayed in Lake County and met another lady whose husband had died and I now live on 27 acres in some of God's greatest work. We have been together for 3 years and I've been at Go-Ped for 2. The ranch is a Horse ranch and Billie runs a boarding, trail riding ranch during the week. We've just sold up and are moving to another larger ranch ( 40 acres) and will close escrow in Sept. I'll send pictures along to let you see the existing ranch, my horse and myself. (We look the same.)  My health is great and I love to play racquetball and do so every morning (5 AM ) here at the local club when I'm here