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Residence:  Sturgeon, MO

Life since high school:

(September, 2001) It's amazing to be in contact with someone from Terra Nova after so long. I've only made it to the 20th reunion so far, which was a very interesting experience. And I have only kept in contact with Mike Ing, who I joined the service with and wound up in Vietnam together in 1967. He is living in the Portland, Oregon area now.

I'm actually back in school, if you can believe that. I'm working on my doctorate in neuroscience at the Univ. of Missouri--with a bunch of kids not much older than we were in '65!

(March, 2002) Here's the $2 tour of my life since '65. Gene Kelly, Mike Ing and I all joined the navy right after graduation (actually signed up prior to grad--we were what they called kiddy-cruisers). We were all in boot camp in San Diego together, then Mike and I went through training to become medics. In 67-68 we both did a tour in Vietnam. After the service, I went to school at Brigham Young Univ. in Utah and got a degree in Zoology in ' 72. I met my bride to be at BYU and we were married in ' 73 (and still are). We moved to the San Jose area and I had more careers than Carter had pills: Surgical Technician,  Machinist, Real Estate Broker, Sales Manager, Estimator, Manufacturer's Rep., Investment counselor, & started or bought three different businesses; all the while, my wife Janet worked as an Interior Designer. In 1979 we sold our home, some rental properties, our cars, and most everything else we owned, quit our jobs and left the country to travel.

We spent 13 months traveling throughout the South Pacific & Southeast Asia. It didn't take long to get back in the rat-race after coming back to San Jose in 1981, but by ' 84 we were ready to go again. We sold house, cars, everything again and bought a 32' cruising sailboat and lived on it in Alameda for three years, then quit work again and sailed to Hawaii in ' 87 where we spent the next 4 years. We were planning to continue sailing on through the south Pacific, but I came down with rheumatoid arthritis, so we sold our boat and flew back to the mainland to look for land (after 6 years on a boat about the size of a travel trailer, we were ready for space). We found our paradise on 20 acres of Missouri Ozarks and have been living here ever since.  In ' 97 I decided I had too much time on my hands and went back to school for my masters at Southwest Missouri State and in '00 started in a PhD program in Neuroscience at University of Missouri which will take about 3 more years. We love it here (even the winters) We have no children, but at the present time, (we have) 4 dogs, 4 cats and one squirrel (an orphan that we bottle raised 5 years ago). If you want a place to consider retiring to, we highly recommend the Missouri Ozarks. The cost of land and housing here is about what the Bay Area was in the 70's. There are 4 definite seasons, but the winters are short and not too severe (we may get a half dozen days of snow per season). There isn't a lot of employment though so it's really a retirement area (in fact it's been in the top one or two retirement areas in the country the last few years).