e-mail address:  ELFTALER @aol.com

Residence:  Olympia, WA

Life since high school:
(April, 2001)  As for news, here's something REALLY extraordinary. After 34 years without any contact, I've been re-united with Sally Wellman. In 1967, when I was severely wounded in Vietnam, she and I were engaged to be married. Unfortunately, I made the biggest mistake of my life and I sent her away from me. Regrettably, we went our separate ways. In January this year, Mike Wellman sent out one of his messages and I noticed an address called "Elftaler". I called Jeannie, his wife, and asked if it was Sally. She said, "Yes". Soooooooooooooo, we immediately made contact and, voila!, here we are-together again. We're currently looking for a home in the Olympia/Tumwater area and making plans to be married sometime early next year. Isn't Life grand?!. The Good Lord has blessed us both, rewarded us both, with happiness beyond imagination. What an inspiration He is! We are so thankful and humble and grateful to Him. Should you know of anyone who might be in doubt of His incredible power, just send 'em to see Sally and me. We'll enlighten 'em, we'll witness to 'em. Our story is something not even Hollywood could come up with.

Subsequent messages:
(July, 2001) We're happy & healthy here in Olympia. It's a really nice place. It's the capital of Washington state but it has a small-town coziness to it. Lots of boutiques, small restaurants, etc., and the beautiful Capital Dome and Legislature buildings.The Sound reaches all the way down to Olympia so we also get to see the ship and tugboat activity in the Bay. It's definitely the kind of place to bring up children, or should I say grand-children. Very nice weather, too.

(March, 2002)  Ed Hart and Sally Wellman were married Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 5:00 P. M. in our living room, in front of our Christmas tree, by the neighbor who lives across the street. He just happens to be a preacher. Incredible. It was a quiet, comfy, and wonderful ceremony. In attendance were: Aunt Betty (Wellman) Armstrong, her new husband Bob, Sal's cousin Mike Wellman and his wife Jeannie. We are so happy that they came to be our witnesses. The preacher Eric' Sandras' family, also shared our day with us. It was the most special time we've ever spent with these great people. We softly played the music theme from the movie "Somewhere in Time". Sal and I feel like we have gone back in time to reunite. Now we will gladly move [forward together].

(October, 2002) On August 2nd, Sal and I went to Mike's Beach Resort on Hood Canal, just an hour and a half from where we live in Washington State, to spend time with the Mike Wellman family. All of the cousins were there. Since Sal and I married, she has not only become a Hart, but I've become one of the Wellman clan. I enjoyed this time with my best friend and now - cousin, Mike, very much. It seems that we just can't get enough of Michael and Jean Wellman; they are truly a special family. We stayed in a cabin right on the water's edge. At high tide the water comes right to the cabin, which is about 8 feet above the rocks. The water? ... oh, it's one of the two fjords in North America. It's deepest part is over 600 feet, and so clear that you can see the bottom until it's depth shows emerald green. We had to get up early in the morning to meet the low tide and gather fresh oysters for our dinner. (Mike, Jean, the cousins and I, shucked a great number of shellfish.) It was my first time ... aw shucks! The kids went out kayaking, and boating. At the height of the season, the salmon run like crazy in the canal. I have watched them leap out of the water as we drive the highway there. It's amazing and a bit frustrating when you haven't time to stop to take out your fishing gear along the way. There are bald eagles here in the Northwest. It can really make your day to see one of these beauties. At night we sat by the campfire chatting about times past, and listening to Mike Wellman play the guitar and sing. He has a very good voice! Hey, I may be his cousin, but I know good when I hear it. Mike's incredible. He had torn his hamstring, just two days before the trip and still made it to the gathering, never once mentioning the pain, which we knew he had. After nightfall, the little bats came in for a feast of mosquitoes, nosee'ums, and various other night biters. Strange little critters with their echo location out there saving my skin. Thanks guys. When all turned in for the evening we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the water rolling on the shore below. If you plan to spend the weekend on Hood Canal, make sure to stay at least two nights. We did, and still wanted more ... Of course it was the company of the Wellmans that made us want for more, but the peace of the place itself was enough for most any heart, or Hart.

(April, 2004)  We just got back from Idaho visiting Sally's brother, Jim Wellman and his family. It was warm and beautiful there. Had a great visit. Terra Nova wasn't finished for Jim's graduating class so he had to graduate from Westmore. Jim was in the Jesters rock 'n roll group when it first started. He knows many people from Terra Nova. His wife, Pat Emmert graduated Terra Nova in '62 ... maybe '63. I'll have to ask her again. We think of you often as well, and hope you are enjoying the weather. Our tulip celebration over in Mt. Vernon Wa is spectacular. Acres and acres of color in bloom. It's something people have to witness to believe. They will be gone in a week, but there is always next year. We went to Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Forest on Easter Sunday after church. It's only a 15 minute drive from home. It was a warm sunny day ... couldn't have been more perfect. The huge lake is teal blue and you can see to the bottom. It's fed by underground springs so the natural river type of runoff doesn't churn up the water making the usual silty mess. Lake Crescent is so clear. In the deepest part it is over one thousand feet deep. The First Lady came to visit it and said it is the one of the most beautiful and best kept secrets in America. We think so too. My dream is to have a house along that lake. Who knows, could happen.