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Residence:  Roseville, CA

Life since high school:
After graduation from Terra Nova, I attended the College of San Mateo for two years. On a parallel track, I also joined the Naval Reserve in June 1965 and began participating in unit meetings monthly. In September 1967, Barbara Thielen (Class of ?66) and I were married in Pacifica. We moved to San Jose where I attended San Jose State College, majoring in Geology. I graduated from San Jose State in January 1970, and commenced a tour of active duty with the U.S. Navy soon afterward. I was assigned to an ammunition ship (USS Mount Katmai) and stationed off the coast of Vietnam. Our daughter was born in San Francisco in April 1970.

During my second deployment, Barbara (with our daughter) followed the ship and spent about six months near Subic Bay in the Philippines. Our first son was born in San Francisco in February 1972 and I was released from active duty in October 1972. (I continued in the Naval Reserve as a drilling reservist.) Then, we returned to San Jose where I attended two years of graduate school at the renamed San Jose State University.

In January 1975, I accepted a position with the California Division of Oil and Gas, the state regulator of the oil and gas industry, and we moved to Buena Park. Our second son was born in Long Beach in September 1976. In late 1977, my job took us to Woodland, where we stayed for almost five years. Then, we moved to Santa Maria in early 1983 and on to Roseville in mid 1988. The Division?s headquarters is in downtown Sacramento.

I retired from the Naval Reserve in early 1990, after 24 years of service. In mid 1990 our daughter was married in Yountville. Subsequently, our daughter and son-in-law have had two sons. In mid 1997, our first son was married in Fresno. Our son and daughter-in-law have a daughter, with another child on the way.

As of January 2005, I have worked for the State for 30 years. Barbara and I are still in Roseville; our daughter and her family have lived in Roseville for over a year; and our second son lives in Roseville too. Our first son and his family are living in London currently. I am still with the Division of Oil and Gas, although now we?re called the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources. Barbara is currently a teacher at a middle school in Sacramento. In addition, we are real estate brokers too.

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