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Residence:  Pacifica, CA

Life since high school:
(July, 2003)
After graduation, I entered Bay Cities College and studied to become a Dental Assistant. Once done, I went to work as a chair side assistant for various dentists in different fields, surgery being my favorite.

I married young to a wonderful man and we had three sons, Matthew, Mitchell and Daniel. I worked part time and most times not at all. If any one has had three boys, you know why.

Over the child rearing years we raised several breeds of dogs, quite a few flocks of chickens and a few goats. We love animals as you can see.  Also, I feel there is a lot for kids to learn from raising animals.

In my late thirties I discovered physical fitness, which I am still dedicated to. I needed strength raising three teens, and it is a great stress relief.

At forty, I went back to school to earn my cosmetology license at Skyline College. It's been sixteen years and I now have a successful in home salon. I love my work; it satisfies my creative side and I meet a lot of interesting people.

Of all the fun things Doug and I have done the most rewarding was raising our children. I must say they are happy, successful, honest, productive men. What more could a woman ask for?

We have six grandchildren and more to come as our third son will marry this fall and they are planning a family. I'll need a bigger table.

We have traveled a lot and there is more to come. We love it.

I have a wonderful life. Living in Vallemar is heaven. Yes, sometimes the fog gets to me, but overall it's a beautiful place to live.

(August, 2010)
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