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Last Residence:  Woodland, CA

Note:  Jean Barnhart has kept in contact with Mr. Hinkle (can she really call him George?) and he has been great about contributing to the news.  Thus, he has a page as an honorary member of the Class of '65.

Material submitted by George (and converted to .pdf documents):

RETIREMENT--A NEW BEGINNING--LIVE LONG, AGE LESS  - a project that he did for Kaiser Medical department in Salem,Oregon

SUCCESS STORIES  - an interview he did for the Modesto Bee three years ago--again, much the same topic. The picture is 80th vintage--the medal referred to is the First Place medal won in Koseosko, MS.


(June, 2001) It was good to read about some of the graduates and how well and the many who wrote are doing.

I have been out of action for the past 14 months with a fractured hip caused when I had an accident on my mountain bike. The front wheel went perpendicular to the bike frame and I went airborne (for even less time than the Wright brothers first flight) and hit the concrete and heard the deadly pop of the hip. I then had to ride 1 1/2 miles miles home?one legged, All this put me in the hospital for 12 days (from surgery through formal rehabilitation) and then to the YMCA for about 12 months to heal.

Went into the hospital last Thursday to have the "hardware" removed from the hip and now it's 2 more months for final rehab and then I'm ready for more biking, tap dancing, and running.

Since January I have been teaching a fitness class to seniors at the local college, taking a class in "body pumping" which is an aerobic form of weight lifting--and, of course working out on the treadmill and stationary bike to get ready for the recent "procedure." So, in a week or so I will start "all over again!"

In the fall I will teach a seniors class covering not only fitness, but will include tai chi and what I call "conscious living"--that includes diet and nutrition.

A few times a month I am a docent the local museum. Spare time is yard, house, and some writing.

Lany Kay called from Tennessee last night and we chatted for about an hour. She is doing quite well and it's always good to hear from her. Betsy and I spent a few days with her when we were in the south in 1996.

And finally, some time during the middle of this month I will roll over two numbers in the age category--yep--turn 80 the 19th. (NOTE: A very belated very happy birthday, George!)

Again, thanks for including me in your contact with the class of 65.

(September, 2001) What great reading--like reading a novel that someone forgot to write! As I read through the various "up-to-date-" sagas, I couldn't help reflecting on a project I wanted to do for my master's thesis (unfortunately I did something dry, dreadful and educational) which was to do a followup on high school graduates, my thesis being that you can't always judge an ultimate "product" by his/her high school experiences. In short graduates "surprise the hell" out of us educators. (I must add here that when I applied at San Jose State in 1946, the registrar took one look at my high school transcript and glaring at me said: "You can't go to college here--you have only 1 1/2 college course credits from high school and you need 9." Saved by the the G. I. Bill I proved her wrong.) And I still believe COMMENCEMENT is the correct description for graduation.

To get back to my original thought: Putting all the "histories" together, not only is there a great deal of valuable high school-counsellor information here, but for a good writer, there is potential material for a book: AFTER HIGH SCHOOL--THEN WHAT!

(March, 2002) 2001 was very good to me in spite of some of the setbacks. Yesterday I did reach my goal of running the 5 K distance in under 45 minutes, and will sign up for the YMCA 5 k run coming up this spring with more confidence. Goal for the end of this year: complete a 10 K race by Dec 31, 2002. Have another tap show coming up the end of this month. Had a great Christmas with the four grandkids all at one time. Now that was a real experience, but fun.

(March, 2002) First of all, what a great contribution to those of "us" who really enjoy continuing to stay connected to high school Memories! Last week my nephew met one of my former classmates in Santa Rosa, give him my e-mail address, and presto! We were again connected after 62 years. What a thrill it was to hear from Ralph.

And lastly, thanks for including me in your newsletter. My latest, as of three days ago--I am now a member of the Modesto Bee's "Readers Advisory Panel", RAP for short and have already been interviewed and published in the area of, you guessed, Health and Fitness.

The way things are going, retirement is still a ways off--if ever. Life is great when your enjoying living. Again thanks for keeping me in touch with all you good people..

(May, 2002) I am participating in the American Cancer Society's annual event, the Relay For Life--to raise money for Cancer Research--that takes place on the track at a local hgh school. I have participated in it for several years, except or the last two year the "hip" wouldn't allow it. However, this year I have pledged myself to walk/run a lap for each year of my life--and since the event takes place three days after my real birthday, I have been working each day and looking at 81 laps, or 20 miles plus a lap.

So, in short, I am hoping to raise as much as I can by asking my friends to pledge so much a lap or a mile. As you know, the Cancer Society is near and dear to me and I look forward to continuing my training in order to complete my goal. I walk/run three days a week, and am up to 12 miles without stopping, so I am pretty much convinced I will be able to do it.

As I have said before you folks are very special people in my life and I really appreciate our continued staying in touch.

Later note:  Good news is I have attained my commitment of walk/runnning the 20 miles of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on June 22.

(April, 2003) Life is going well here in Modesto, except for the air quality, which is so bad that my doctor has suggested rather strongly that because of the two collapsed lungs that were part of my problem when I had the heart valve replacement, I should look for another area to live in. My brother and sister-in-law, where the "party" was have already moved up to Oregon and are now in process of encouraging me to move up there.

I was interviewed a year ago regarding my fitness philosophy and living style and ended becoming part of a book (one page) entitled AGE LESS by Edward L. Schneider, M. D. and Elizabeth Miles. It is now in the book stores; and I must say the two authors did a fantastic job.

Still teaching at the YMCA--and still volunteering with the Healthy Aging Association.

(June, 2003) Will not be able to make it (again) (the picnic) this year, but not because of any broken bones, etc. A herniated disk slowed me down a little this spring, but I'm up and walk/running again--(Boston is still a few marathons away!) Will have three reunions on that day--my high school--which I won't be able to make due to a planned family get-together.

Life continues to treat me first class--still teaching senior fitness and strength training at the Y and have now been inducted into the FITNESS EDUCATORS OF AMERICA and will be on a panel discussion on senior fitness and how to recover from various kinds of injuries and illnesses.

This weekend I will be doing the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fund raising event--doing 8.2 miles--a mile for each year. (George means that the 8.2 miles is symbolic of his 82 years, not that he is 8.2 years old, of course.)

I was very pleased to receive the latest Terra Nova news, the e-mail addressesof many students, and most of all reading how well everyone is doing. All of you are to be congratulated on your successes--Proud to have been connected with such a wonderful group.

Most Sincerely,

P. S. If I can still refer to all of you as "kids", then can call me -- George!

(October, 2003) Things are going quite smoothly here in Modesto. Got through the summer (a few days with triple digit weather) without any visits to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!

Retired from the YMCA last month as I am planning a move out of this part of the valley due to the worsening air quality. Right now I'm thinking of Davis as a possibility--but I have three committments I want to complete: have had eye surgery on my left eye (cataract)--and what a difference it made-- and Nov. 17 will have the right eye done. Really "looking" forward to that one. Secondly, I will be doing some tap dancing for the Senior Spotlight Revue on Nov. 8 and 9 at the State Theater here in Modesto; and lastly, on Dec. 19 will have my semi-annual cancer checkup.

I did manage a visit to eight major league baseball stadiums in August--with games, of course with my grandson who turned 16 while on the trip. Then, when I got home, I "entertained" my other grandson from Cody, Wy. The two-generation gap was quite an experience.

Still doing walk/running three days a week and weight/strength training three days a week--working a little tap practice in between.

(January, 2004) Some times these "things" happen very suddenly. What? you ask? Well, on Jan. 3, doctor 1 said I should have hernia surgery. Jan 5, doctor 2 agreed and sent me to surgeon. Jan 6, doctor 3 agreed, but could not do this in Modesto, and sent me back to Dr. 2. Jan 7, doctor 2 referred me to doctor 4 in Turlock. Jan 10, doctor 4 referred me to doctor 5, again in Turlock. Jan 13, doctor 5 said surgery, Jan 15, in Turlock. Jan 15--surgery (not just one hernia, but two--I felt like a Safeway ad--buy one get one free!). Jan 16 discharge and home.

So, for the next six weeks to 2 months recuperation. Not exactly what I had in mind for starting the New Year--but all went very well.

(From Jean: I am happy to report that I had the pleasure of seeing George this weekend, and he is in the pink! What a true inspiration to how one can age well, like a fine wine to be sure. George looks great and has a wonderful sense of humor and loving spirit.)

(July, 2004)  (Message after the picnic)  After meeting "all those present" sure did support my decision in passing up the Relay for Life--I did, however, raise $300 for the cause.

In some ways, I enjoyed yours just a little bit more than mine Sunday. [Note: George had his own class reunion the next day] Your contribution to keeping this event going is more than admirable. And, in years to come, it will become more evident. I have already told the Cancer Society that I won't be able to participate if the Relay for Life is held on the same day as the Class of '65 40th reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoyed Bunny's company driving up to Santa Rosa--little traffic and great conversation--and only 3 blocks from my destination.

Again, thanks so much for keeping me in the loop.

(August, 2005) (Message after reunion)  You folks put on a "hellova" production with the planning for a long-to-be remembered 40th reunion.  Frankly, in spite of the most dancing I've done in a long time--and with great partners--I could have just about gone the rest of the evening.

So, thanks for all the great work you folks did planning and giving all of us an evening of Tiger fun and filling our memory books of the past as well as looking forward to the NEXT ONE.

And last but not least, thank you for making me a part of this event. I really enjoy telling all my friends about what the class has done for me.

How lucky I have been to be connected and made a part of the class of 65.

(August, 2010) See 2010 reunion questionnaire response.

(November, 2015) See 2015 reunion questionnaire response.

(June, 2016)

Hello Everyone,

I have been tracing a rumor about the passing of George Hinkle, our high school vice principal and friend. Sadly, the rumor is true. I just received the info below from a dear close friend of his.

"George passed away last Tuesday following a hip surgery. He had a few tough months in and out of the hospital for various things. But he was ready to go this time and went in peace with his brother by his side.

Thank you again for reaching out. We are all connected through our love of George, and that would have made him so happy."

I know I speak for many in my sadness at the loss of George, but he lived a very long and fruitful life in his 95 years and was an inspiration to many, including our high school class and others and in every community in which he lived.

Missing you, George.


2005 reunion:

2010 reunion:
George presents tiger picture to class of '65.


George can still get a pretty girl to dance with him.