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Residence: Palmdale, CA

Life since high school:

After Terra Nova I fiddled around in Jr. College and finally in 1975 graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas in Forestry and Sociology.  I worked seasonal with the U.S. Forest Service from 1967 through 1973 then started up again in 1976.  I got a permanent job in 1978 and moved to the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County.  Worked there until retirement in 2003 as a District Resource Officer.  I currently work part time as a Logistic Chief on a National Interagency Incident Management Team and work a lot of wild fires throughout the summer and fall.  Plus I do bookkeeping for my sister in her business, but I am the minor part of team. Our dog, Bowie, is a registered therapy dog and we visit hospitals, retirement homes, children centers, etc, to bring some joy and friendship to folks.  Of course, from my other picture, I also enjoy being a Santa during the Christmas season. 
In the family picture you see me, Gloria, Jarrod and Bowie.  Gloria is retired from the telephone company.  Jarrod (31 years old) is finishing up his second masters, this one in Archaeology and he works for the Bureau of Land Management as an Archaeologist.  Then there is Bowie, a Welsh Corgi/Golden Retriever mix who is now 6 years old.
Gloria, Bowie and I live in Palmdale, CA.  Jarrod is in Needles, CA.

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