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(June, 2001) Well, it was very interesting, reading the history of everyone. It was heart warming seeing and remembering all of you. I am living in Salinas, Ca., where I retired from the Army, after 23 yrs. I am a truck driver for Golden Gate Petroleum, based out of Martinez, CA. My 2 boys and my daughter have all moved on in their life, the boys are in Washinton state, my daughter lives only 20 minutes away. I was divorced in 1993, after 24 years of marriage, I married a wonderful l ady, Denise...unfortunately, she died 13 months later of a heart attack. That was in 1995, just before the reunion, that is why I did not make it there. So...that is about it for me, I sure hope to hear from some of you.

(March, 2002) has certainly been an interesting life for me...just sitting here, reading about all of your lives. Alice...I am so proud of you, you were the smartest one in our go girl.

Mr Crass....I pray for you my dear friend...Hang in there.

I have been blessed.....I met a young lady on AOL...from Kansas, she came out here to Salinas, Ca to visit in Sept. last year....never left. Get this...she was born on the same day as my middle child....same year also....hmmmm. Now.. here I am just turned 55 March 4th, she turned I a lucky man or what?

I guess I have my own built in viagra...."ha"....

I know a lot of you do not remember me...Ken Morrison...But I remember all of you, You all hold a special part of me in my heart, I pray that we can keep this special closness forever.....If....any of you....can tell me where Diane Pouty or Jerry Saxon are at...I would greatly appreaciate it. They were my best friends.....

(July, 2002)  Well, after retiring from the Army in 1991--"whew", glad that is over--I went to work for an oil company here in Salinas. Two weeks ago....I quit. Why you ask?, well....I am 55 years old...well...ain't we all? and I am tired of working, I am packing up an moving to Overland Park Kansas. About 2 years ago, I was playing a game of slingo on the 'puter and ended up chatting with this young lady.

We chatted off an on and sometimes on the phone, no love connection, just being friends. Well...last September, she jumped on a bus to come out here for a 2 week vacation, to meet me and see Calif. She had never left the state of Kansas. She never left, been here ever since. is the kicker, she was born on the same day.....and year as my middle child.

Yepper, she is 30 years old, and we are going back to Kansas, Her daughter came out here a couple of months ago and we really had a great time.

Wish me a lot of luck, I am going back there to live in a 3 bedroom house near a lake, so I can kick back, fish, drink a few MGD's and relax. This house is a whopping $400.00 a month.