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Life since high school:

(April, 2001) Mine and I are still here, in this cultural wasteland, known as the Ozark Plateau. The country is beautiful, privacy is nice, but it comes at the price of isolation from the food, music and culture of our home. If government did more of what it ought, and less of what serves itself, California may still be a habitable state for its native born citizens. oh well...

My wife Karen (San Marcos H.S. '73) and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary; our 2 daughters were here to visit and help, and life is good. It was good to come home to visit, and go to our class reunion. I can't remember when a trip to San Francisco was not a time for excitement and adventure.

Subsequent messages:
(September, 2001) Thanks for your newsletters -  they are fun to read. I can't stop comparing myself to others. People I know intimately from the past add an interesting dimension. A real problem with this fascination is it can make one cynical though. It's easy to say "If it were me..." 'Tis a real shame we only go around once, I would like to renew my lease. I've not made it to at least 7 states, 4 Canadian Provinces, South America or Europe yet.

My oldest, now 24, married last year, and has an instant family with 3 stepchildren, and is expecting our first GB in October. My youngest (daughter), 22, is graduating with honors this Fall from Southwest Baptist University, Boliver, MO with a dual bachelor's in biology and physiology and is going to graduate school in St. Louis this winter. I guess she takes after her mother's side of the family.

Speaking of her mother, Karen has been (for 5 years) a private duty nurse for one poor 91 year old lady with Alzheimer's Disease. Forget objectivity, way too deeply involved, but that is her nature. Intense passion.

If there are any Dead Heads in our class, your set list gets mine.

 (Kerouac): "But no matter, the road is life."