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Residence:  Hawthorne, FL

Life since high school:
(September, 2001) I moved to Alabama with my two year old son, Tim, and remarried in February 1970 where my husband was stationed in the Army. Once my husband was discharged, we finally settled in Gainesville, Florida. I stayed home as mom and homemaker until Tim was in tenth grade, then rejoined the working force. I am currently administrator for a four physician, three office hematology oncology practice. I go home to California once a year to spend vacation with my family. California is still my first love and I am always homesick for home. My son, of course, is grown and lives with his wife and two daughters in Ohio.

I did go to a class reunion for 1964 two years ago with my sister, Margaret Stenstrom Binderup and got to see some of the "kids" then. I would love to get the newsletters and catch up with some of the folks.

Subsequent messages:
(July, 2003) I sure hope everyone has a great time at the picnic today. I will be thinking of the fun all are having. Living in Florida makes it more than a little difficult to attend.

I will be in San Francisco for a conference in August and tacking on an extra week for a short vacation before returning home to Florida. After being seriously ill and off work nearly three months this winter, I did not think I would get to make my annual trip home to see my family. I feel so blessed. I just returned from a conference in Baltimore where I hooked up with my brother, Mark, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, for a few days, so I managed to get some time in with family in spite of my illness. Thank God I do have something that is curable; however the "cure" nearly killed me a few times, so I am very grateful to be alive. I will finally be finished with treatment in another month.

My husband and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary in February. Who would have thought?  My son, Tim Cooper, Jr., continues to live in Ohio with his wife and two children. My family sure has spread out and it becomes more difficult to get to see them as often as I would like to. My mother is still able to come out and spend 3-4 months with me each winter much to our delight. She has been widowed since 1986. She married Margaret Stenstrom's (class of '66) father in 1968 so we have been sisters ever since. They live on adjoining property in the foothills outside of Marysville, California. Margaret is going to be a first-time grandmother this coming January. She is still a very good friend as well as a sister.

Well, that is my little "update" for now.

(December, 2004) Greetings from Florida:
I wanted to say thank you for our last newsletter. I have not had the chance to read it all as yet, but have it saved. We have been battered by three hurricanes and Tropical Storm Bonnie over the last four weeks and it has been dreadful. So much damage to so many. It is very sad. I am grateful to report that we had no damage to our home, but we did spend a few days in a shelter, then I ended up in the hospital for few days with heart problems (new??), then several more days with friends until our electricity was turned back on after eleven long, long days. It is true what Dorothy said "There is no place like home!". :-)

I was sorry to hear the sad news about Andy Fenyes. It has been a difficult year for so many. It helps to keep hugging your loved ones and to look for and count your blessings! I cannot say if I can make the reunion, but I am going to make every effort to go and my husband promises to go home to California with me in 2005, so I plan to drag him along, too.

I sure do appreciate all you (Jean) do and are doing to help us keep in touch as well as all the effort you are making towards a 40 yr. reunion! It sure is hard to imagine that many years going by already. I am looking forward to retirement!

More from Linda:  I just looked up the new website and it is wonderful! Thank you so much Alice for all the work you put into this project. I hope you will be able to continue the bios as folks send them in. I love the way you matched up the grad photos with the bios! Awesome job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Without any yearbooks (mine were lost several years ago) this is perfect!

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