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Residence:  North Plains, OR

Life since high school:
(September, 2001) Graduated 1965 from Terra Nova. Received B.A. at Cal. State Hayward, in English Literature (Thanks to Mr. Campbell senior English teacher, who was, in retrospect the exemplary teacher (after whom) I patterned much of my teaching style  M.A. in Organization and Leadership USF. Worked 20 years for San Francisco Public Schools, as a teacher then administrator, was starting to be a workaholic—11 hours a day, (public schools are three steps forward and five steps back) lived in Petaluma, custom house and acreage. Realized that the best things in life are just that—things. So I quit to emphasize family life,

Moved to Oregon and graduated from Dispensational Theological Seminary with an M. Div. Currently teach in a Portland intercity school as a reading specialist. In my private life publish, edit and write theological periodicals. Presently been married 27 years, two sons both graduates from college with honors. Live on wooded acreage 20 miles from Portland OR.

Raised and breed German Shepherd Dogs, showed them nationally. Currently raise a Japanese decorative pond fish call Koi. Also currently raise bees both for pollination and honey.

When I received the first three newsletters I printed them out and read them with great scrutiny. I had the interesting observation of how the class of '65 truly mirrors the country—a cross-section of Americana.