e-mail address:  mach2lou@msn.com

Residence:  Park City, UT

Life since high school:
(July, 2001) I'm still flying for Delta Airlines and still riding motorcycles, watching wildlife from my office window in Park City, Utah, ski when people come from out of town and make me go. Both boys in the military, Erik a Marine Corps pilot and Matt an Army paratrooper. I'm the lightweight. Leaving for Alaska in my plane about Jun 15. Life is good.

Subsequent messages:
(March, 2002) We had a great winter olympics here in Utah. i live in the middle of Park City, which turned out to be Olympic party central. I took the month of February off and had house guests from 27 Jan to 4 Mar. I wish everyone could have made it. The snow is killer until mid April, so if anyone needs a place to stay in tall hill country, SHOW UP!

(February, 2004)  Lany Kay Martell wrote:  "Would you take the time to drop Matt (Lou Siegel's son) a note.. I am sure it must be lonely to be so far away from his family and friends..."

Lou's response:

Thanks! he is convoying from somewhere Kuwait to Kirkuk, Iraq as I type this.

I'm okay. it's scary, but what's new? We're parents! He is well trained, equipped, led and a professional. He has all the knowns in his favor. the unknowns and odds are out of our hands, so I'll just worry like everyone else does. Sherri, who is due with their daughter in April, is doing fine. She is back in California with their son Nick at her parents. She will be there until the birth and then until the middle of May. I will go over this w/e if not today.

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