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November, 2015
Just letting you know some updates on what is happening with Don and Sheila Swartz after getting the DVD that Alice made for the class of ‘65.

Granddaughter, Eden, graduated from High School with high honors and received a scholarship for Boise State University (in Idaho) which she is now attending. We get to see her on the weekends when she is not real busy at college. She and her boyfriend have been taking two step, waltz and cha cha dance lessons from us and we have taught her boyfriend, Andrew, how to play pinochle. Eden likes to play double deck, so after Andrew learned the basics we started playing double deck and, of all things, he drew a hand of a double run and double pinochle as well and beat all the rest of us! We play just for fun, no cutthroat stuff.

Sheila and I are chairing the State of Idaho 2016 Square and Round Dance Festival, which takes place in Boise at the Square Dance Hall in June 2016.

About a month ago our car was rear ended by a 4 wheel drive pickup and Sheila has been seeing a chiropractor about 3 times a week since. Fortunately no broken bones. We get the car back later today (Tuesday Nov 10).

We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes and cantaloupe in our garden this year so Sheila has canned tomatoes that we will use in some of the soups she makes for winter time.

We attended the Harvest Hoedown Square and Round Dance Festival in Yuba City, California at the end of October, having pulled our 5th wheel there from Idaho. We have attended that dance about a dozen times previously.

If any of you out there are square or round dancers, and you would like some flyers for upcoming events, let us know and we will forward them to you.

We have had a lot of rain this year, and a hail storm yesterday with snow at the ski resorts in Idaho. I think California was looking for some rain recently. Well, the weather almost made it to California.


Don and Sheila Swartz