e-mail address: tait_ebay@yahoo.com

Residence:  Clovis, CA

Education History:
BS Criminology (psychology and law) and lack one class for Business Administration. No can do due to injury suffered in 1978.

Family Life:Married 37 years; 2 daughters each with 2 kids - 3 girls, 1 boy in the mix

Work History:
No work since 1978; before that, IRS, bank officer, worked as sheriff’s office process server.

What are you doing with your time these days?
On the ‘puter about 10+ hours a day, helping one good friend and inmate with legal matters, but tough since I’m not a "bar" member. My passion with softball keeps me going along with family and my dogs.

Hobbies/Groups/Affiliations/Other Interests:
Was board member with a PBS station, as well as board member of a softball association; other interest is networking with people from all over the world.

Special Achievements, awards, accomplishments - anything you’re proud of:
Still alive, literally, two close calls; makes ya think

Places traveled: Not nearly enough places, but many, though not as many as some fellow class members have

Favorite place traveled and why:
Alaska: AWESOME, simple as that
Hawaii: Beautiful - had relatives there so I saw the native side as well as the tourist side of life

"Bucket" list - things still to do in life:
Visit Europe, Yellowstone, some national monuments, Caribbean, Panama Canal

Other classmates with whom you are still in contact:
Only a few now and then

Favorite teacher and why:
No favorites, but appreciate what they did more now than then.

Favorite class and why:
Favorite class was really skipping them. A big regret.

Fondest memory:
Skipping classes to walk to San Bruno to go bowling with Bruce Harris ‘67. Working at the Vagabond restaurant. Going to the beach with my girlfriend.

What else is interesting to know:
Just that I hope what you erred on you learned from.

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Scott and wife Marlyse