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Residence:  San Jose, CA

Life since high school:
(July, 2001) Yes, I am alive and kicking. I don't know what you heard or from whom, but I plan on being around for a bit longer. I am no longer the shy person that you knew in high school. My parents still live in the same home in Pacifica. I am still married to the love of my life, Bonnie, and we are still living in San Jose. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this August. We have 4 children, a son 28, a son 26, a daughter 23, and a son 19. Our oldest son was married last September and is going to make us grandparents this September. Our daughter is getting married this December. I am no longer working as a carpenter due to 2 surgeries on my lower back. I am still working for the same company though as a Project Manager in the office at Walters & Wolf, located in Fremont.

I haven't kept in touch with anybody from the class. I hear bits and pieces from my Mom. Pat Boyle does her hair every Friday. I do know that Pat has been very sick and unable to work for the last month or so.

Again, it is great hearing from someone from the past. Let's try to keep in touch.