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Residence:  Pittsburg, CA

Life since high school:
After graduation I attended the College of San Mateo graduating with an A.A. degree in Aeronautics.
The Army soon called and I spent 1970 and 71 with the military working for the Department of Defense in Washington D.C. In 1972  I started a Maintenance Machinist Apprenticeship at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which promptly closed six months later. A transfer to Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo allowed me to complete the program.

In 1977 my cousin,Tom Walsh, (class of 63), was fatally injured in an automobile accident. We grew up living across the street from one another on Bonita Ave. in Vallemar.

1980 was a good year. I met my future bride Karen. We were married in 1981. Karen;s two young daughters Kristin and Gretchen made us an instant family.

After 22 years at Mare Island, it too was scheduled for closure, so another transfer was in order. This time it was to McClelland Air Force Base in Sacramento. A jaw tightening 75 mile commute from our home in Pittsburg up 160 to interstate 5 made for a long day.

September 1999 saw one last transfer to the U.S. Mint in San Francisco where I am a Toolmaker in the machine shop.

For many years a group of five families, including my brothers, (Larry class of 70), have been going out once or twice a year with our street legal dune buggies to see the sights in such places as Death Valley, Anza Borrego, Rubicon Trail, eastern Nevada, and Moab Utah. Being with good friends sharing a common interest is most enjoyable.

I also play a poor but enjoyable game of golf. Karen says it's a "stupid game." There are times on the course when I think she may be on to something.

Karen works two days a week for an Orthopedic Surgeon and enjoys making quilts. For several years she also made porcelain dolls.

Our oldest daughter Kristin is working and attending school at night.

Gretchen and her husband Joe have three children; Megan 7, Alyssa 6, and Jacob 2.

We live less than 30 minutes from Kristin in Martinez and Gretchen's family in Oakley so we see everyone frequently.

I plan on working a few more years (as of April, 2005). I guess there's a cruise ahead, (Karen says Port Angeles to Victoria Canada and Long Beach to Santa Catalina is not a cruise). Auto touring the U.S.A. would also be fun revisiting some of our favorite places and searching out new sights and experiences.

So life is good. A loving family, a career field I have always enjoyed and good friends for the fun times.

Subsequent messages:
(April, 2005)
I received the 40th reunion flyer from Jean (Barnhart). It was my first knowledge of the wonderful TN65 website. I spent more time than I would like to admit reading, (on a company computer) the bios in the classmates section.

I was aware of the passing of Med, Bill, Pete, and Charlene and had read Andy?s obituary in the paper, but the black ribbon names were far too many making the discovery bitter sweet.

For the memories section of the web site I am sending my grammar school class pictures with the corresponding name sheets. Sorry about the crude format. If I had only listed the names when they were fresh in my mind 50 years ago! Somewhere in the Walsh archives are my 4th grade and kindergarten class pictures. If they ever surface I will send them to you. Also included are a ticket to the graduation, the program for the class play, an article from the Pacifica Tribune listing the 1968 C.S.M graduates from Pacifica, and a decal members of the band received for our participation in the half time show at Cal in 1963. Please feel free to edit any of this material.   (Thanks to Jim for his contributions - they have been posted in the appropriate places.)

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