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(April, 2001)
News from the Washington State Contingent: Guess what? I am going back to school to get my Masters in Environmental Engineering. Maybe it is never too late to save the world. My inspiration was watching a biography of Frank Lloyd Wright. His career flourished in his 60's, 70's and 80's, and he actually did his finest work during those decades. I felt there were 3 reasons for this:
1. He never gave up.
2. He was doing something he loved
3. His work allowed him to be creative with his years of experience as an asset.

Anyway, on the way back from taking the Graduate Record Exam in Ellensburg, WA, I stayed overnight with Terry Walker and Carol in Yakima. We had a great time. Terry has two beautiful daughters (I met one), and Carol is great too. They have a wiener dog named "Frankie", who is actually smarter than most humans. Before we went into the house Terry said, "Watch out for Frankie. He likes to come up to you, roll over on his back and pee straight up into the air." He wasn't kidding either. It reminded me of someone at Terra Nova, but the name escapes me right now. We drank wine, ate Mexican food and then played guitars and sang until the wee hours. Terry has the most amazing guitar collection I have ever seen. Mostly vintage, all playable, and in perfect tune. We also reminisced about Terra Nova and all of our friends. Terry's sense of humor, as he likes to call it, has not diminished over the years. I look forward to seeing him again soon.

(March, 2002) We flew in to San Diego on Friday, and drove to Yuma that night. The weather is beautiful, and the lemon flowers have such a nice smell. Mom's Park Motel is just beautiful, and we will spend 5 or 6 days here, then we are going to the Grand Canyon, Boulder Dam and Death Valley, etc. this week. Then we will spend a couple of days in San Diego seeing the sights. I love swimming in these pools, and we all hope to take a flying lesson or two here, before we head off to the Canyon. We will be back on April 9.