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Residence:  Sacramento, CA

Life since high school:
(March, 2002) My husband Tom and I have six children... I have three chrildren by a former marriage to Lee Zmerzlikar.. Tom has two children by Barbara Maggi and a child by Patty Forminak... Tom and I have sixteen grandchildren ... after living in Pescadero, CA. for the last twelve years , we moved to Foothill Farms, Sacramento, CA. It's been quite a big change for us. Living in the country for so long, we had to get used to busy highways and city noise ... but we are adjusting... we have daughter and son and their families living up here too! So I am very lucky to be around my grandchildren a lot!!  We love the holidays, this house is a rockin..... our daughter Mechele works for Kaiser Hospital, our son Mike is manager for Trader Joe's store in Menlo Park, CA. And our son Aaron works for the Clairon Hotel in downtown Sacramento...our daughter Terri is a beautician in Monterey, CA. And Tom Jr. works for an air conditioning co. Our daughter Tricia works for Safeway in Fremont, CA.

Subsequent messages:
(March, 2002)
I went to the doctors this week and they told me, after a lot of tests, that I have fibromyalgia and my daughter Mechele has it too. My husband Tom will be looking for a new job. After 30 years with ICI Paint Company, the plant finally shut down... hope he can work at the one plant they have up this way... I have had two new granddaughters ... and they are so adorable.... my son Mike and wife Julie and two girls bought a new home in Antioch .... Mike is commuting right now, hoping to transfer to a Trader Joe's store in the east bay to manage... sorry to hear about Vince Salerno... that is very sad... in September, we lost my husband's brother Ron Bazzani. He died from a peptic ulcer. And also some very close aunts... my oldest sister had a stroke two weeks ago , but , is doing pretty good now... I still keep in touch with Jo Calia and Marsha Felty , Pam Shaw, Little Pam , Suzie Christensen Getchell , and Judy San Felippo Fitzgerald.

(August, 2002) Tom is still looking for a job up here... We had a fun filled summer:  been to visit relatives in Springfield, Oregon,  went to Vegas,  won some money.. And went to a family reunion up in Ferndale, Eureka , with the Bazzani family and good friends Scalvini families... The great, great, grandparents from both families came over on the boat together from Italy... We had a great time! They do this every three years, about four hundred people..

(July, 2003) ...sounds like the picnic was a lot of fun....sorry I couldn't make it.... we just put our little miniature beagle, Molly-B to sleep... she was very ill with cancer ... she was so much a part of this family , we will miss her so much !! My husband Tom has been sick with that viral flu for weeks and is having a hard time gettng rid of that awful cough... it has been very hot here , thank god for air conditioning... and our pool.....