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Last Residence:  Walnut Creek, CA

Life since high school:
(September, 2001) I was a sophomore at College of San Mateo and was dating the former Donna Goff [Class of 66]. We were involved in a serious auto accident and, while recuperating, became engaged and married in 1968. I began work at the Pacifica Post Office delivering mail and trying to finish accounting courses, but the money was not good in accounting at the time and the Post Office paid better. So I have been delivering mail for going on 35 years. Donna and I raised 2 children, Brandon [31] and Jennifer [28]. We got both children through college but our own marriage failed somewhere along the way. After divorcing in 1990 and living the single life for close to 10 years, I met and married Annette Clark, an employee with the City of Concord Police Dept. Not a cop, thank heaven. Sh e is a member of the Class of '65, but from Thornton, Colorado. We both have grown children, and in the neighborhood of a dozen grandchildren, and we are still very young. We have the ability to travel, and do so. Now we are planning retirements with the giddiness of seniors planning their graduations.

Subsequent messages:
(October, 2005) From Jean Barnhart:  I have sad news to pass on to you. I received a call from Ann (Stella) McKnight of our class. She is cousin to John Wilson, also of our class.

Unfortunately, John passed away this morning, Sunday, Oct. 16, just one week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. John had a history of Krohn's Disease as a teenager and throughout his life and thought that it was acting up again or he would have gone to a doctor sooner, perhaps enabling an earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Ann and John were more like brother and sister than cousins because Ann and her sister went to live with John's family in 1962 when Ann's mother and sister were killed in an accident.

John's first wife was Donna Goff of the class of '66 and they had two children together, Brandon and Jennifer. John had 4 or 5 grandchildren. John's current wife's name is Annette Wilson. They resided in Walnut Creek where John retired from the US Postal Service. John is also survived by three siblings, Jim, Wendy and Joy.