GAYLE DILLES      

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Residence:  Santa Rosa, CA

Life since high school:
(August, 2001) After graduation I went to CSM and then to work for the phone company. I worked in various employment offices and was working in Palo Alto when Frank and I married. I then worked hard the next fourteen years as mom to four kids, Kelly Michael, Stephanie, Seth and Rob.

We lived in the south bay until 1973 when we moved to Sonoma County. Frank worked for Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent) and they transferred us up here. Frank's been with them thirty-three years.

I went back to work in the early 80's as an aerobics instructor (my mirror says I should have kept that job), then a friend offered me a job in her art gallery and said bring the kids. The people there were like family and we've stayed close. In 1988 I went to work as gallery manager for a chain of art galleries, Wild Wings/Western Wildlife. I hated every minute but learned a lot. I now work as a picture framer out of my home. It's great! It gives me time to do all the fun things like travel (Egypt is our next big trip), movies, theatre, concerts, Giants games, etc.

We had all the children gone for a very short time. Our daughter has returned home but the boys are still gone. Kelly is in Santa Rosa, Seth is in Mammoth Lakes and Las Vegas (depends on the season). He's our climber, nine times up El Cap. He's a guide, so if anyone has a burning desire to climb a big rock wall call 1-800 Big Skys and ask for Seth. Rob is in San Diego at UCSD. He is a senior again and promises this will be his last year. He majored in physics for three years and then last year decided to switch to psychology.

We love to travel and in June went to Logan, Utah and had a short visit with Annie and John Ribera. Their new home is beautiful with a year round creek that has good sized fish. It was great to visit. We then headed to Layton, Utah to visit with Armando Melendez ('66) and his wife Bonnie. Armando was best man at our wedding.

Off we went then on a loop of parks: Bryce, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde and Arches. We ended back in Midway, Utah at my cousin's. She took us to Park City and showed us the copper brew vat at the Park City Brewery. It was the last one my uncle made and has a plaque on the front with his name. It was a busy week, but great fun.

Last week,  we had a family get-together in Yosemite and I heard a familiar voice. I said to Frank, "that's Andy". Sure enough, it was Andy Fenyes ('65). We had a short chat and promised more soon. We weren't too surprised to see him; we ran into him in Disneyland a few years ago too!

Well, that was a fast thirty-five years, more ups than downs and the best is now!

Subsequent messages:
(March 7, 2002)
I thought I'd let you know what I'm doing. Tomorrow I'll be 55, so what better time to get back in shape? To this end (and for many other reasons), I've decided to make a difference in my life, and hopefully in the lives of other women. So I am walking from San Jose to San Francisco to raise money for the early detection of Breast Cancer. To do this I have to raise $1900 in donations.

I really envy (Jean and Paul Barnhart's) Rick Steves trip. Frank and I did the "Best of Europe" trip four years ago. It was one of the best times we've ever had. We took the BBB tour (bus, bed, breakfast) in hopes of more free time to do things of our choosing. We'd been on other tours where the group must stay together and follow the guide with the flag (or umbrella) in the air. This trip was everything we hoped for. If fact we had such a great time we're doing it again next year. Our goal was Egypt, but with everytiing so strange now we thought Europe a safer bet.

I'm doing this Breast Cancer 3-Day walk with my sisters. My youngest sister Kari lives in Berkeley, but Debi lives here in Santa Rosa, so we walk approximately six miles every morning. Weekends Frank joins us and we double that. He sets a speedy pace. We're upping the mileage every month, so by July we should be doing twenty miles at a time.

This walking will also help with our next year's trip. The only negative about our last trip was stairs, stairs and more stairs! The hotels we stayed in were built before elevators, so more stairs. In Vernazza Italy from the main street to our room was 300+ stairs, but the view was worth every step.

Our tour guide was Colleen Murphy. If you're lucky enough to have her on your trip, tell her hello from us. You'll have a great time!!!

(December, 2002) The Avon walk for breast cancer was in July and I'm still waiting for 3 toenails to grow back. We started a t the Santa Clara Convention Center and walked up the peninsula to spend the first night at Bay Meadows. Luckily my friend Lyn was a tent expert or the rest of us (my 2 sisters and I) would have been up the creek. We spent the second night at Skyline College. It was cold, foggy and very windy. I didn' t remember the weather being that bad in Pacifica. We finished up the last day at the Marina Green when 4,400 walkers all walked en mass to the closing ceremonies.

The 4,400 walkers (300 of them men) raised, after expenses, 7 million dollars. This money was used to open a Breast Care Clinic for homeless and underserved women at U.C.S.F. Thanks to all of you who helped me with your donations. I couldn't have done it without your generosity. It was a wonderful experience, three of the most touching days of my life. So many women came out of their homes to just say thank you. One woman came out of her Fairmont home with homemade cookies, and one elderly man in a long overcoat sat on a folding chair holding a picture of his late wife.

I met lots of great people from a young man with tattoos and just about every body part pierced, to an 80 something woman who was usually ahead of us. It was a great 3 days.

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