Report from the 2004 picnic from Jean Barnhart:

Thank you to Cathy Booth LaFontaine for getting me off my arse to let you know about the annual picnic last month. There were fewer people attending this year—about 25 compared to last year's 45—but we had a great time. The weather was very nice, though a touch cooler this year. We started at 11:00 and ended about 5:00. Some of us there at the end went on to have dinner together at the Sharps Park Golf Course. The picnics are always a great day of talking, talking and more talking.

We were thrilled to see Stan Jacobs walk in on his new leg. He looked absolutely great and has the most wonderful attitude about everything that has happened to him. Stan, you are an incredible inspiration.

Another inspiration was Pam (Langendorf) Shaw, who arrived looking more beautiful than ever. For health reasons, Pam had to lose some weight. She lost more than just some and we applaud her efforts. We want you around for a long time, Pam, and are very proud of you.

And it was my extreme pleasure to have George Hinkle, our Vice Principal, join us for the day. It was great fun to watch him stand very quietly next to people and see the surprised look of recognition creep over their face. A number of us have kept in touch with George over the years and, I for one among many, have always been inspired by him. He wrote after the picnic and had this to say:

"Hi folks

After meeting "all those present" sure did support my decision in passing up the Relay for Life--I did, however, raise $300 for the cause.

In some ways, I enjoyed yours just a little bit more than mine Sunday. [Note: George had his own class reunion the next day] Your contribution to keeping this event going is more than admirable. And, in years to come, it will become more evident. I have already told the Cancer Society that I won't be able to participate if the Relay for Life is held on the same day as the Class of 65 40th reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoyed Bunny's company driving up to Santa Rosa--little traffic and great conversation--and only 3 blocks from my destination.

Again, thanks so much for keeping me in the loop.

Best to all.


For those of you who don't know, George had his own battle with cancer and has been raising money for them for a number of years by getting sponsors and running the race. Last year he ran 13 miles and the year before that, 22 miles—amazing. I can't even run around the block.

And his reference to Bunny is our classmate Bunny (Roma Clinton) Gleason who also attended the picnic. Lynn (Staley) Bendick arranged for Bunny to get to Pacifica and stay with her at her mother's house, Sharon (Day) Rathbun picked up both Lynn and Bunny and drove them to the picnic, and after the picnic George drove Bunny to Santa Rosa where, coincidentally, some of her family lives (she actually lives in Indiana!) just a mile or two from some of George's family. It really is a small world, isn't it? This is just one example of the kind of thoughtful people we had in our class and school. I just love it!

What I always love is having people attend the picnics and/or reunions who have never done so before. It seems to always be a great experience for them and for those of us lucky enough to see them again. This time we had two newbies attend—Kerry (Semenza) Ortiz and Billye (Doerpinghaus) Skye. Both stayed to the end and went to the dinner. It was so great to see them again. Sadly, we learned from Kerry that she lost her husband last January. It is wonderful that she was up to coming to the picnic. And I must say, she just glowed. I have a feeling both Kerry and Billye will be coming back again.

Others who attended the picnic:

Lynn (Staley '64) Bendick, Ron Coleman (Ron, so glad to see you even if it was for only 10 minutes J), Dave Crass, Gayle (Zaft) and Frank Dilles ('64), Greg & Sue Fassler, Ray Lenci (Sherry was sorely missed this year), Don and Ron Montgomery, John and Linda (Robinson) Patterson), Heidi (Rigoni) and Steve Senger and Nick Labash ('64).