Taking its theme from the classic Earls' song "Remember Then", another wonderful reunion was held at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel in August, 2010.  A late change of room left us without the open patio area for drinks and mingling that we so enjoyed in 2005, but gave us a much better size room for dinner, dancing, and display of the raffle items.

Once again, we were able to entice about 80 people to gather for the evening - not bad after 45 years!  Ed Harrison and wife Christine met everyone at the door and took an ID photo so there will be no more strains of "..who was that person???"  Along with the core group of people who usually attend, we were happy to see some who had not been present in recent years, if ever --  Sandy Simmons Keathley, Lynn Uhrig, Homer Oswald, Marcia Felty Taylor, Don & Linda (Rist) Damon, Fran Perry (now Francine Marie), just to name a few.

Wandering around the room, attendees were able to entertain themselves with viewing the great display of raffle items, the centerpiece of which was a TN Tiger quilt custom-made by Heidi Rigoni Senger.  Mark Stephens contributed an original oil painting, Jean Rogers Barnhart customized a child's chair in tiger stripes to go with a basket of other goodies, Jim Holtz sent a package for free train rides on the Vacaville "Nut Tree Express" where he works, and many other people generously contributed additional items.  Looseleaf binders with the questionnaire responses and photos were set in several locations for casual perusal.  Stacks of elementary school photos were laid out with paper and pen, hoping to capture more names of unidentified classmates.  The dinner tables themselves had copies of old "Tiger Tales" as well as photos from previous reunions.

Finally encouraging people to be seated, dinner was served to the accompaniment of old friends catching up and good conversation with spouses and guests.

After dinner events included introduction and thanks to the reunion committee and remarks by Jean Rogers Barnhart.  Former Vice Principal George Hinkle presented to the class a framed tiger graphic - perfect decoration for our future events.  The media presentation for the evening was a DVD compiled by Alice Fadenrecht Hand of photos submitted by class members and a lot of other memories and events that have marked our lives since graduation.

The formal program having ended, we all danced the remaining night away to the tunes of Ray Lenci's sound system and wonderful music library.  Ron Montgomery roamed the room (both before and after dinner) and took some great candid photos of the event.  The raffle was conducted and happy people left, clutching their goodies as the "last" song faded away, and then we had to have "just one more."

Some of the people who could not attend this year's event, and even some who did, commented that waiting another five years for an event is too long.  Therefore, we hope to have a class picnic, or something substantially less formal than a regular reunion, in 2012.  Although we do not yet have a date, start thinking about joining us for some more fun!

Photos from the reunion event and the questionnaire responses are now available for viewing on the website.  Updates to the elementary school photos will follow soon.

Classmate photos from the DVD
ID photos from reunion event
Candid photos from reunion event
Questionnaire responses