50 YEARS! It seems unbelievable that so much time has passed since our teenage years at Terra Nova. Even more unbelievable was the fact that over 90 people were able to attend this golden reunion.

We started the weekend with a dinner gathering of about 20 people at Nick's Rockaway - the restaurant that has served the coastside area since time began. It was a nice, misty evening with the waves crashing just outside the parking lot - the essence of the Pacifica life. Although we did not have our own room, Nick's accommodated us nicely with adjacent tables and did not try to rush us out, allowing us to linger and mingle.

On Saturday night, we all eagerly approached the main event. Departing from the more formal tradition of reunions past, we procured the fabulous venue of Sparky's Hot Rod Garage in San Carlos. This was a wonderful large, high-ceilinged space with fabulous photos, some old cars, and a vast array of memorabilia from days gone by. Completing the decor was a soda fountain area, an array of free-play pinball machines, and a popcorn wagon for those with the extra munchies. We opted for casual dress so everyone was comfortable in their favorite togs and shoes. Photos of the decor, friends and selfies were abundantly popular in this most colorful arena.

Other than a few words from our class president-for-life Jean Rogers Barnhart, there was no formal program. Everyone was free to enjoy the catered barbecue buffet dinner, catch up with classmates that had not been seen for many years, and ultimately enjoy dancing to the great sound system that came with the venue. All too soon the event was over and, while we reveled in being able to connect with some old friends, we realized that there were others that we never quite got around to seeing. So many people, so (relatively) little time!

A modest post-mortem was conducted over breakfast the following morning by those of us who stayed at the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo. How pleasant it was to have one last social gathering before we all bid farewell and headed home.

Some of you ordered the reunion DVD and were able to view all the submitted photos, the "favorite cars" group, a few extra fun inserts, and the event photos. For those of you who did not see the DVD, the links below allow you to view the photos that were submitted and the candid shots from the reunion, sans the great car music that accompanied the DVD. Links to the submitted questionnaires and the favorite car stories are also included. Updated photos and questionnaire/car story links will also be placed on the individual classmate pages.

Classmate photos from the DVD
ID photos from reunion event
Candid photos from reunion event
Favorite cars and stories
Questionnaire responses