We got the coach, (Clap, Clap)
We got the team,  (  "         ")
We got the pep
, (  "         ")
We got the steam, (  "         ")
We got the coach, team, pep, steam,
One big RAH for our team -- Hoo-Rah!                                    


Water, water, water;
Steam, steam, steam;
Have we got it?
Yes we got a team, team, team!
Thunder, thunder, thunderation;
We're the Tiger congregation;
When we fight with desperation,
We create a great sensation - THUNDER!
Tear 'em up Terra Nova, tear 'em up.
You can win Terra Nova
If you'll only tear 'em up.
We will show 'em when
When we win again
Tear 'em up Terra Nova, tear 'em up.

V-i-c-t-o-r-y, V-i-c-t-o-r-y
Terra Nova
Terra Nova
Terra Nova High!
V is for Varsity
Ya man!
V is for Victory
Ya man!
We have a Varsity
We're gonna have a Victory
Varsity, Victory, Terra Nova High!

When a Terra Nova Tiger walks down the street
He's got that Terra Nova spirit from head to feet
He's got that winning smile
He's got that winning way
And when you see him, you'll shout and SAY
There goes a guy I'd like to meet and know
He's got that Terra Nova fight and go
And when you see him then you hearts gonna know
You'll want to be a Tiger too-o-o.

He's got one black, two black
Eyes like coal black -- spirit to the bone.
When you see that Tiger runnin' cross the field
You better leave that Tiger alone
His eyes flash with fire
His claws show his might
Look out Jeff, he's raring to fight
He's got one black, two black
Eyes like coal black - spirit to the bone.
Victory you Tigers, Victory ....
First thing you do is to get the girls and boys
Second thing you do is to make a lot of noise
Victory you Tigers, Victory ...
Here's to Victory ---- Tigers Victory.

FIGHT SONG   (Tune of On Wisconsin)
Terra Nova, Terra Nova
We will fight for you
You we honor -- you we cherish
We will fight and never parish
Terra Nova, Terra Nova
Victory is our goal,
We've got the coach, we've got the team
So go, go, go.

I'M A TERRA NOVA TIGER   (Tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy)
I'm a Terra Nova Tiger, Terra Nova do or die.
I'm a member of the very best school, Terra Nova High.
I've got a Terra Nova sweetheart, he's/she's the apple of my eye.
Win or lose at football (baseball, basketball, etc.) games, I'm always there a rootin';
Hooray for Terra Nova High.